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    Brother John was contacted last year to take part in the filming of a segment for Discovery Canada’s Daily Planet.

    Click here to view the video via Discovery Channels web player.

    He is on right after the astronaut!

    Two Stick Fireboard


    Our Mission;

    To provide a wealth of knowledge from a multitude different backgrounds, with several different men from all over North America.

    Who We Are;

    The Brothers of Bushcraft is a videos series, but also a uniting of knowledge. A coalition of wilderness skills practioners. It is based around several men, from all over North America. Their skills range from the ancient arts of primitive technology all the way to modern wilderness and urban survival.

    This video series will take you from the cold, snow filled boreal forest, to the sun scorched high deserts, deep into the humid, bug infested waters of the southeastern swamps and high into the extreme temperatures of the Sierras. And from all of this, you will gain knowledge that surpassed your own imagination. Plus insight into skills long forgotten by the mainstream of modern civilization.

    Through this series, you will witness the bond of the wilderness, and feel it welcome you into the family of the wild. This project, is for the world. And we want to give you the world.

    At this time we are working toward the filming of the DVD series. Pre production, production, and post production takes some time. Please be patient we will get it finished.

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