Brother John was contacted last year to take part in the filming of a segment for Discovery Canada’s Daily Planet.

Click here to view the video via Discovery Channels web player.

He is on right after the astronaut!

Two Stick Fireboard


Our Mission;

To provide a wealth of knowledge from a multitude different backgrounds, with several different men from all over North America.

Who We Are;

The Brothers of Bushcraft is a videos series, but also a uniting of knowledge. A coalition of wilderness skills practioners. It is based around several men, from all over North America. Their skills range from the ancient arts of primitive technology all the way to modern wilderness and urban survival.

This video series will take you from the cold, snow filled boreal forest, to the sun scorched high deserts, deep into the humid, bug infested waters of the southeastern swamps and high into the extreme temperatures of the Sierras. And from all of this, you will gain knowledge that surpassed your own imagination. Plus insight into skills long forgotten by the mainstream of modern civilization.

Through this series, you will witness the bond of the wilderness, and feel it welcome you into the family of the wild. This project, is for the world. And we want to give you the world.

At this time we are working toward the filming of the DVD series. Pre production, production, and post production takes some time. Please be patient we will get it finished.

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6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Avatar Mark Jones
    Mark Jones says:

    Love the new site! Should be fun watching it develop. Keep the faith brothers!

  2. Great site here with a fantastic idea behind it! Is there any way I can join this brotherhood and help out? Be safe guys!
    – Bill

  3. Avatar Brian Spain
    Brian Spain says:

    Any chance on a “Brothers of Bushcraft” gathering/seminar,camp? Looking forward to the future. Thanks Brian

  4. I enjoyed reading the bio of each of the brothers. I have been looking for a forum with the diversity of expertise the BOB offers. Thank you for your willingness to share from your experience to help the rest of us to gain greater competency in the outdoors. In turn, I commit to support each of you in your respective endeavors, both individually, and as a brotherhood. Lead on, gentlemen.

  5. Avatar Robert W.
    Robert W. says:

    Do you intend to share with your readers through brothersofbushcraft.com or your respective, individual websites and blogs? For me, it would be ideal to glean from your experiences in articles published here. Having regularly checked here for the last month however, I get a sense that the ‘brothers of bushcraft’ have disbanded before they really ever got started. I cringe at the thought of this site being created as a rouse to get people to buy-in to a following and purchase of your B.O.B. fieldcraft knife. Anyway, GREAT idea that has obviously fizzled.

    • Avatar Caleb Musgrave
      Caleb Musgrave says:

      The Brothers have certainly NOT disbanded. The Brothers of Bushcraft is a side-project, which we all do when we can, as many of the Brothers have mouths to feed, and other places they need to teach. We have had articles up for a while now, and are in the process of getting more articles on the website. We also have a forum, which a link will be offered to soon.

      Moreso, we are here to share knowledge. The knife was designed because we wanted a piece of hardware that we all liked. The money that comes from the design goes directly to webhosting, and other expenses. We don’t get a profit, we just get this project funded.

      We’re here.