Here are a few of our videos from Youtube. As time goes on we will be adding more.

More Primitive Tools Part One

More Primitive Tools Part Two

Brothers Of Bushcraft; Primitive Tools, Making Medicine Vials

Brothers Of Bushcraft- How to use Big Knives and Small Machetes Part 1

Brothers Of Bushcraft- How to use Big Knives and Small Machetes Part 2 Fatwood processing, etc

Brothers Of Bushcraft; Plank Cooking

Brothers Of Bushcraft: Promontory Peg

The Brothers of Bushcraft; Axe Use

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  1. Well, it’s not a scandi grind (it’s a coenvx grind), but the Fallkniven F1 is often seen as the best bushcraft knife for the money. Actually, other than that, stainless steel isn’t that common in bushcraft knives. Most bushcrafters have their knives custom made (not as expensive as you might think), but they almost exclusively use a high carbon tool steel.You could look for Puukko designs and see if you can find any with stainless blades.Spyderco will be releasing a bushcraft knife later this year, but it’s not stainless steel and it comes with a $300 MSRP many customs of a similar design could be had cheaper than that. The interesting thing though is that they’re already planning a modern’ version of it with VG10 steel and (I think) micarta scales. That should be a very interesting knife; especially if they could halve the MSRP. It would make a very interesting competitor to the F1.